Lucie Monin


75005 Paris

+33 6 25 42 09 82


Portrait – Lucie Monin


Crédit photo : Sebastien Lovat

Lucie Monin lives just a stone’s throw from Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, in the same building where, by happy coincidence, Joseph Thouvenin, the great 19th Century gilder once lived. Her apartment is full of the charm of ancient buildings, and is furnished with articles from a variety of eras. This is no ‘total look’ home; instead 18th Century cast iron banquettes can be found alongside Formica kitchen chairs. Her work space is scattered with books, LPs and gilding tools. In her office, rolls of gold leaf and gilding irons evoke her illumination work.

Passionate about ancient books, Lucie was set on a career restoring them. It was while a student at the Centre des Arts du Livre, formerly known as the Arts Déco, that she discovered a profusion of covers gilded with gold leaf, “filigrees in gold engraved forever on timeworn leathers, reflecting a style, a fashion, a history, an era captured for posterity”. Then, at Ecole Bleue, she learned a new approach to volume and material. From this treasure trove of inspiration she developed a very rich style. Influenced by 1930s architecture, pointillism, art nouveau and 60s and 70s rock music, her designs are typified by minimalist geometric forms or curved and feminine lines of a rarely-seen finesse.

Today, as an artist and Art Gilder, she boldly revisits this millennial savoir-faire in the areas of art, fashion and design: the perfect alliance between past and present. “I express myself by drawing on this fabulous ancestral savoir-faire, which in turn illuminates my designs…”

“Each customization is by its sheer nature unique, exclusive, designed and then engraved like a work of art, the idea is to wear art…”

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